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The Federal Inspection Service, also known by the acronym S.I.F., is a control system of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply of Brazil[1] that assesses the quality in the production of food of edible or non-edible animal origin. Inspectors check whether the product meets the minimum quality requirements for consumption, such as the acidity in the milk and the possibility that animals have been sold without slaughter, that is, that they have already arrived dead at the slaughterhouse. Approved products receive an S.I.F. seal of approval[2]



SISBI-POA is an inclusion tool that respects the regional specifications of products of animal origin at different scales of production. In addition, it allows the insertion in the formal market (local, regional and national) of a category of products that still needs specific regulation.

IMA Seal


IMA audits verify, among others, adequate sanitary conditions, soil fertilization, cultivation area, pest and disease management, installation and storage of the product. After all this process, the product is certified in relation to the management of the production process, good agricultural practices, social responsibility and environmental and economic sustainability

Sisema / Feam / IEF seal


The State System for the Environment - SISEMA is integrated with the National System for the Environment - SISNAMA, since its constituent bodies are nothing more than representatives of the Sectional Bodies.

The State Environmental Secretariats are responsible for coordinating the State Environment System (SISEMA). They are the ones who plan, execute, control and evaluate the sectorial actions under the responsibility of the State, related to the protection and defense of the environment, the management of water resources and the articulation of policies for the management of environmental resources for sustainable development.



Adapar (Agricultural Defense Agency of Paraná) is the agency responsible for document evaluation and agronomic efficiency for the authorization of the trade and use of pesticides in Paraná's crops.

Brazil 2020 Excellence and Quality Award

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