” At 61, Brasília is a reference city for all Brazilians. The miner Juscelino Kubitschek pointed to it, the clearing towards progress. Oscar Niemeyer and Lucio Costa made a world-renowned architecture. Workers came from all over the country in search of a better life and built the federal capital under the management of JK and Israel Pinheiro, two distinguished miners. The Friesp Alimentos Group, genuinely from Minas Gerais, embraces Brasília on its 61st birthday, contemplating one of the most splendid beauties of the modern world. "

Maurício Reis Lima, President of Grupo Friesp Alimentos SA from Minas Gerais as JK and Israel Pinheiro.

Source: https://brazilurgente.com.br/grupo-friesp-alimentos-homenageia-brasilia/